Contributing to Discuss Data

As an open source project, Discuss Data welcomes contributions of many forms.

Examples of contributions include:

  • Vulnerability reports

  • Code patches

  • Documentation improvements

  • Bug reports and patch reviews

  • Feature requests

  • Merge requests

Vulnerability reports

If you need to report a vulnerability, please send an E-Mail to Be aware that, by default, your E-Mail will be sent unencrypted.

Code patches

Discuss Data uses pre-commit hooks to ensure the compliance of contributions with our coding standards.:

pre-commit install

Commits have to follow the conventional commit standard. This repo is configured commitizen friendly so that you can use it to comply with our commit format.

We welcome and are likely to accept merge requests that follow the aforesaid.

How to fix a Bug

To contribute by fixing a Bug, follow these steps:

  1. Write a test that
    • reproduces the wanted behaviour and

    • fails because of the bug.

  2. Write a fix that
    • produces the wanted behaviour and

    • lets the previosly written test pass.